Speech is man’s most constant expression, his greatest performance, and the barometer of his emotions. Control of speech is a necessity and the practice itself is of great significance because of restlessness and most of us tend to indulge in talking, using words either with or without sense. The urge to talk may originate from the fear of silence or loneliness, or the pride of wanting to show off what one knows, or the need to put in one’s “two-cents worth.” even giving advice can be more a case of desire for self-expression than concern for the one who is seeking help. Awareness of speech is essential in order to discover these urges.

                 Talking can be evidence of the desire to be noticed, or to defend your actions. Fear can be the motivation for the need to talk, perhaps to quiet the still, small voice within, “I don’t have to listen if I keep on talking.” The manifestation of the human voice can be a curse or as well as a blessing. What is behind your urge to keep talking ?

- self-justification ?

- killing time ?

- so that you won’t have to listen.....to others, to your inner self ?

- desire to talk about yourself ?

- mistaken belief that you are sharing, when you are really only trying to collect pity from others ?

                 It is advisable to practice silence. The aspirant must choose a time when the temptation to talk is greatest. The continuous need to express oneself has no validity in the life of an aspirant. All urges must come under control and all excuses must be dropped.