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Q. You say your Yoga as true Yoga. Isn't it an ego ?

Ans: There is no question of an ego when the claim is truthful and there is necessity to proclaim it.

Q. What is self-restraint ?

Ans: Self-restraint is not self-ignorance or deny. It is non-indulgence.

Q. Can destiny (Karma) ever come to an end ?

Ans: The Karmas carry the seeds of their own destruction in themselves.

Q. How to control the mind ?

Ans: Catch hold of the mind... How ? ... What is mind ? ... Find it out ... It is only an aggregate of thoughts.

Q. How to root out sexual impulse ?

Ans: By rooting out the false idea of the body being self. There is no sex in the self. Because you think you are the body, you see another as the body. Difference in sex arises. But you are not the body. Be the real self. Then there is no sex.

Q. What is positive thinking ?

Ans: "When my house burned down, I gained an unobstructed view of the moonlit sky." ...Zen saying


Q. How to believe in REIKI ?

Ans: Exposed, developed and fixed film is no longer sensitive to light, So put aside exposed, developed and fixed concepts and receive  this gift  'REIKI'. For the moment, empty your cup so that it may be filled.

Q. Does anyone know the GOD ?

Ans: One cannot say that one does not know Him. One cannot also say that one has fully known Him either. Those who have known Him and have known that He cannot be known, alone have known Him properly.